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       PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425


      1. PPE (product, type, batch or serial number): Fire-fightting  Clothing , Clothing. 

      2. Name and address of the manufacturer and, where applicable, his authorised representative 

      3. This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer:

      Our company promises to produce fire fighting clothes in accordance with EN469 standard. 

      4. Object of the declaration (identification of PPE allowing traceability; where necessary for the identification of the PPE, a colour image of sufficient clarity may be included):

      The object of declaration is our company's fire fighting clothes which meet EN469 standard. 

      5. The object of the declaration described in point 4 is in conformity with the relevant Union harmonisation legislation (EU) 2016/425. 

      6. References to the relevant harmonised standards used, including the date of the standard, or references to the other technical specifications, including the date of the specification, in relation to which conformity is declared: EN ISO 12688:2013, EN 469:2005/AI:2006+AC:2006,Date of issue: 09 January 2017, Expiry date: 09 January 2022. 

      7.   the notified body BTTG 0338    performed the EU type-examination  and issued the EU type-examination certificate 521998/1. 

      8.  the PPE is subject to the conformity assessment procedure  (either  conformity to type based on quality assurance of the production process (11B)  under surveillance of the notified body  BTTG 0338 . 

      9. Additional information: 

      Signed for and on behalf of:  Joakim

      (place and date of issue): Taizhou,Jiangsu,Province , May 14th

      (name, function) (signature): Joakim 

       (1)It is optional for the manufacturer to assign a number to the declaration of conformity.

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