Why this plugin

Eclipse Plugin/RCP Developer often need search Eclipse extension implementations. He/She should find which java classes implements that extension interface. The search functions which Eclipse provided,can only find Eclipse classes in the projects or dependencies which in the workspace.
Eclipse Plugin/RCP Developers often do not how to set Eclipse extension attribute. With this tool you can find extension attribute set by other plugin.
You can find more file extension to Editor assocations.and find Editor's Java Class Name.


find more Eclipse's file extension Editor assocations than Eclipse Preferences Dialog provided.
search Eclipse Extension attribute(including java class).
find plugins which can visited the assigned class.
a filter view looks like JDT Package Explorer.

It is Free!!!

I develop this tool for it can save me some time.If many people use it ,it will save us a lot of time.:)
So,Just download it,it is free.


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(File extension Editor View)
(extension attributes View)
(class extension View)